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Used OMC Cobra outdrive (rebuilt upper gearcase)

OMC Cobra upper housing
Remanufactured sterndrives repair prices

  • Replaces OMC # 986381, 986380, 986382 and 986844
  • Used gearcase fully remanufactured with new parts - 1 year warranty
  • Compatible with Ford 2.3L, 5.0L 302, 5.8L 351 and Chevy 3.0L, 5.0L 305, 5.7L 350 and 7.5L 460
  • Housing comes sandblasted, primed and painted with OMC charcoal metallic OEM color paint
  • Click here for instuctions on sending your Cobra outdrive to us for repair
  • *$360 core deposit required - refund upon return of old unit
  • Please see parts OMC cobra parts breakdown page for additional part pricing.
  • See below for repair costs

OMC upper gearcase Cobra remanufactured sterndrive

OMC upper gearcase Cobra remanufactured 986381-986382-986844-986380

Remanufactured and rebuilt prices below - core deposit of $360 required on top of price


5.7L 350 Chevy V8 or 5.8L 351 Ford V8


4.3.L 262 Chevy V6


5.0L 350 Chevy V8 or 5.8L 351 Ford V8 EFI or 7.5L 460 Ford


4 cylinder 1986 - 2.5L or 4 cylinder 1986-1989 - 3.0L or 5.0L 302 Ford V8


2.3L Ford 4 cylinder 1986 - 1987

$1795.95 US

*Includes all new parts

Gear Ratio

$2068.00 CDN

 *Includes all new parts

Gear Ratio

$1295.00 US

*Includes used refurbished gears and water pump shaft

Gear Ratio

$1668.95 CDN

*Includes used refurbished gears and water pump shaft

Gear Ratio

Repair Prices Below

(Includes all labor, bearings, seals, and water pump assembly)

*Note - on top of parts including in basic repair, additional parts may be required.. Please see our used parts breakdown page for additional used parts and pricing.

Basic OMC Cobra sterndrive repair:

$595.00 USD

$743.00 CDN

Parts included :

Rebuilt upper gearcase
OMC Cobra Gears all ratio
4 Bearings
2 Pinion Nut
Yoke drive shaft
Seal kit
Centering cone
U-joint nut
Outdrive installation gasket
Water pump kit with impeller
Water pump housing and gaskets
Gasket OEM 911698
O ring OEM 911700
Water pump adapter o ring OEM 909316
pump adaptor oil seal OEM 916058
Gasket OEM 911702
Gasket included in water pump
Wear plate OEM 911703
pump liner OEM 911844
pump seal OEM 911704
Mounting gasket OEM 915840
Gasket included in 39630
Water cover gasket OEM 911733
81100 Dip stick gasket OEM 303067
81100 O-ring in seal kit
12405 pump housing
23202 Retainer
21111 Cover nut
27800 Bearing Carrier pinion gear
27900 Water pump adapter
27920 bearing carrier for u joint
28404 cobra cover o ring
28406 Cover assembly
12661 Thrust plate port
12662 Thrust plate stbd
23360 OMC Cobra shim
23360 OMC Cobra shim
28408 Cover assembly
21773 Retainer ring
Rear shim 0.003 to ,015"
47010 Vent hose
5/16 bolts 1-1/4 inch long 6 units
22387 Screw
21732 omc cobra dipstick
23371 Cobra upper rear shim