OMC electric shift sterndrive used parts *1967 to 1977 repairs (Click here for home page)

OMC Stringer Forward Spring - Sleeve

OMC Electric Shift Clutch Spring Sleeve

OMC Electric Shift spring sleeve forward reverse 315034


$29.00 US

$29.00 CDN


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allso required the following parts

Electric shift OMC stringer lower unit

BP-Lower unit Complete rebuilt/remanufactured lower units $1399.95

clutch spring

BP-SP Forward/reverse clutch spring # 313455 $299.00

Gear head assembly OEM 381849

BP-GH Gearhead assembly # 381849 with bearing and oil seals $159.00

Reverse coil 382367

BP-RC Reverse coil # 382367 $149.00