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OMC Electric Shift - Clutch Spring - Lower Unit

OMC Sterndrive - Electric Shift Lower Unit
Forward-Reverse Clutch Spring

  • Original OMC part Replaces OEM 313455
  • Compatible with OMC outdrives 1967 - 1977 high and low profile models
  • Installed in forward gear and reverse gear hubs
  • Contact our tech department for help identifying shifting problems
  • Other possible causes can be the shift switch.

OMC clutch spring electric shift lower unit 313455
Stringer outdrive replacement spring

OMC clutch spring electric shift lower unit 313455


Stringer outdrive replacement spring

*After installing new spring, make sure to set your engine idle RPM to 600 or less using an automotive tachometer. This prevents excessive wear on the end of spring when engaging the outdrive into gear.

$299.00 US

$373.00 CDN