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OMC 400 / 800 / Stringer Lower Unit Repair

Rebuilds / Repairs - OMC Lower Gear Cases

  • Repair Prices / Rebuild and Remanufactured Pricing
  • Compatible with all inline six cylinder, V6 and V8 models
  • Four cylinder model also available
  • Stringer and 800 Model lower units (years 1982 - 1985)
  • *Note - 1978-1981 models use a servo hydraulic pump to assist with shifting - this model is available upon request

Stringer 800

Stringer 800


(Includes all labor, bearings, seals, pressure testing and re-painting of unit)

*Note - additional parts may be required if necessary. Please see parts breakdown page for additional part pricing.

See below for information on sending your unit in for repair.

Basic Repair: $495.00 USD

Basic Repair: $618.00 CDN

(Includes all bearings, seals, gears, shafts - case is fully painted)


Full 1 Year Warranty

(including technical phone support)

*Note - This unit is the standard mechanical shift model (1982-1985).

If you have the servo hydraulic shift model (1978-1981), you can upgrade to the 1982-1985 model by changing the shift cable and shifter housing.

Please contact us with help with identifying your model. You can also look for the slot (2" x 1" for an anode in the lower unit just above the cavitation plate above the propeller.

This slot for the anode indicates you have the standard mechanical shift model - if you don't have the slot for the anode, you have the servo hydraulic model.

Full Rebuild / Remanufactured Replacement: $1595.00 USD (plus core deposit)

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Full Rebuild / Remanufactured Replacement: $2121.95 CDN (plus core deposit)

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